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25th may 2022, Stockholm
28th september 2022, Copenhagen

Attend the IT Attacks conference where you meet the leading IT Security Specialists and learn how to stay protected from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

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About ITA

There are many factors making organizations more and more vulnerable for various types of IT attacks: The increased amount of data and information stored by organizations. The ongoing development of new IT threats developed with new technologies. The mobile users within organizations handling business critical data on multiple devices. Private and public cloud services, which are difficult to overlook and control. The continued use of older inadequate software. The increased internet connection of machines / IoT. Organized attacks at public organizations aiming to influence the general public.

Organizations must deal with a variety of different types of threats from the outside as well as from the inside of organizations. Decision makers in all businesses thus have a constant need to stay up-to-date with the latest solutions from the leading IT Security vendors. They are constantly on the lookout for knowledge on how to protect themselves and information about their potential threats.

Together our partners will give you a unique opportunity to learn more about:


1. What threats look like today and tomorrow.

2. How you should evaluate threats and vulnerabilities.

3. The types of solutions that are available today.

4. Future trends regarding IT attacks.


Past  Events

For the 8th year IT Attacks is the forum where IT Security decision makers gather to meet the leading IT Security vendors.

Previous speakers

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Christoffer Callender BW.png

Christoffer Callender


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Pedro Martins

LastPass by LogMeIn

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Christoffer Strömblad


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Henrik Åkerstrand

BlackBerry Cylance

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Thomas Vasen


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Andreas Nordenadler



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Practical information


25th may 2022


09:00 - 15:00


Bygget Fest & Konferens
Adress: Norrlandsgatan 11
111 43 Stockholm



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Event Manager

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